Prairie Fairies Fowl Supper

A fun time was had at the 13th Annual Fillmore Family Prairie Fowl Supper and Barn Dance.

Over $70,000 was raised for worthy receipients, A Loving Spoonful, McLaren House and Out in Schools.

It was my first time attending this fundraising event and I was what is known as a Prairie Fowl Virgin. Thank you Linda Fillmore. This Prairie Fowl Virgin will be back for more next year.


The fabulous hostess Linda Fillmore


Cowboy Dan won the colouring contest. He even drew in a rainbow. Awwwww!


Cowboy Dan won this beautiful painting of Hostest Linda Fillmore. Lucky BUGGER!!


The much anticipated 'Mary Tyler Moore Hat Toss'.


Square dancing!!!

Made in BC Dance

My favorite event (so far) involved me crawling on the floor with my camera whilst wearing a sparkly jewel encrusted Princess tiara.
Last month I photographed workshops for Made in BC Dance's 'Breaking New Ground' conference. The 'Breaking New Ground' event is held in Vancouver each fall to connect presenters, dance outreach workers and dance artists. The conference featured workshops, discussions, performances and a whole lot of fun.
I photographed two workshops. The adult 'Community Dance Blitz' at the Roundhouse and the children's, 'Dancing the Parenting' workshop at the Dance Centre. I enjoyed the joyful playfulness of both workshops, but I had such a blast at the wonderful children's workshop.
Here are a few of my favorite images from the children's and parents dance workshop.


Pride in Arts Queer Arts Festival

This year I immersed myself in art and community as the principle photographer for the Queer Arts Festival here in Vancouver, BC.

I met some incredibly talented individuals; I experienced poignant performances; I challenged myself photographically and I felt a deep sense of community and pride.


The Queer Arts Festival chose 'Random Acts of Queerness' as its theme for 2012 to honour the centenary of experimental queer artist John Cage.


Soprano Teiya Kashahara performing in the Queer Arts Festival's Workshop of the Opera 'When the Sun Comes Out'. Canada's first lesbian Opera, commissioned by the Queer Arts Festival, from Composer Leslie Uyeda and Poet Rachel Rose.


Pianist Rachel Kiyo Iwaaasa and Soprano Teiya Kashahara performing in the Queer Arts Festival's Workshop of the Opera 'When the Sun Comes Out'.


Boulez contra Cage. Adapted by David Bloom from the correspondence between friends, John Cage and Pierre Boulez, two of the most influential composers of the 20th Century.


Flute/Piano duo Tiresias (Mark McGregor and Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa) performing a premiere piece by Simon Martin, commissioned for this performance.


Pianist Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa performing a solo in 'Boulez contra Cage'.


My favorite performer during the festival. Kate Bornstein, Author, Playwright, Performance Artist, Gender Outlaw, Advocate and radical role model for queer youth.


Kate sharing the symbolism of the Ankh tattoo from her memoirs entitled, "A Queer and Pleasant DANGER".


"Do whatever you need or want to do in order to make life worth living. Love who and how you want to love. Just don't be mean. Should you get sent to Hell for doing something that isn't mean to someone, I'll do your time in Hell for you."

~ Kate Bornstein