The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

I have been spending a lot of time with these stunning creatures creating beautiful portraits in preparation for their 5th Anniversary celebration.
Are they Queer Nuns? Are they Glorious Clowns? Are you curious?, B.C.'s online magazine wrote an article about the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and the photo project we collaborated together on. You can read that story HERE

Sister Merry Q. Contrary, Founder and former Mother Superior of the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

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Dapper in Gastown

Thank you David & Link for this step back in time in Vancouver's historic Gastown.
2,850 nautical miles of Atlantic Ocean separate you from each other.
Today I witnessed the strength and beauty of the bridge you have created together.
Bon Voyage to you Link. Until you grace our shores again. With love.

Feast your eyes on Cor Flammae

21 fabulously attired singers, 3 hair stylists, 3 makeup artists, 2 wardrobe stylists, 2 set stylists, 3 shoot assistants and one photographer. That is what it took to create this image of Vancouver's classically trained Choir Cor Flammae.
This shoot was a milestone for me as it was the most people I've ever photographed in one sitting!! 
What a wonderful experience it was to be a member of Team Flammae.

Go Team Flammae !!
Wardrobe Styling:  Adam Dickson (lead) and Jennifer Gagne
Hair:  Missy Clarkson, Soo Jeong and Shea April
Make-up:  Andi Alexander, Sande Rees and Belinda Siu

Shoot Assistants:  Reem Abdel-Jabbar, Lindy Cairns and Robin Toma
Photographer: belle ancell

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The Lowest Common Denominator

These folks from playwright  Dave Deveau's new play 'The Lowest Common Denominator' were such fun. I wish I had more than 20 minutes with them to create these images for Xtra Vancouver. We could have gotten into some trouble!!

Pictured: Shawn Macdonald (bearded), Dallas Sauer (brown t-shirt), Deborah Williams (striped shirt).

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There goes the Octegenarian Club

I always say each new photo shoot is the funnest shoot ever, but this one really was, when I photographed the ever so lovely and naughty Linda Fillmore for her 80th birthday feature in Xtra newspaper.

Linda is the Matriarch of the Fillmore Family Foundation. The Family is a non-profit foundation that raises money for organizations such as Out in Schools, A Loving Spoonful, Camp Out and McLaren Housing Society. I posted last month about the raucous Prairie Fairy Fowl Supper event the Family puts on each fall to raise these funds.

This was an amazing experience as it was the first time I 'pitched' a cover and story idea to Xtra and they accepted. I wanted to honour all that Linda Fillmore and her Family have done for our Community and create some beautiful images for her. We all had a blast in the studio and even did a 'Commando' run out to the Bull Statue downtown.

You're in good hands Linda Fillmore.

You're in good hands Linda Fillmore.

I'm aging myself, but does anyone remember the series Dallas?

I'm aging myself, but does anyone remember the series Dallas?

Such wonderful folks to play with.

Such wonderful folks to play with.


It takes a TEAM:

Assistant: Robin Toma
Assistant: Jason Blais
Stylist: Stephen Fahlman
James Goranko (dark beard)
Shayne Forster (red beard)

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