My name is Belle and I am a Vancouver family photographer.

Iā€™m a total Fan Girl when it comes to children. When a baby or toddler returns my smile, I feel warm and squishy inside and I fall in love instantly.

I love how children play and live in the moment, and I enjoy creating a relaxed experience for families, so they can play and enjoy the moment with their children.

Most of my childhood photos vanished and were miraculously returned to my family when I was in my 40ā€™s. I am so grateful to have this printed photo back so I will always have a memory of this tricycle that I so obviously loved.

I specialize in creating heirloom fine art for families because I believe that family portraits are too precious to live on a hard drive.  I want to create portraits you will treasure and that will become more precious to you as your children grow up.

Belle Ancell