Just another day at the office....

If I knew last Tuesday morning when I woke up that I was going to be plunked into the middle of a massive convention of geeks, I would have worn my pocket protector.

Last week I was enlisted for a few hours to work the VanARTS booth at the SIGGRAPH Convention held at Canada Place. 15,000+ artists, gaming experts and developers, flim makers, students and academics from all over the world were milling about and we had such a blast creating some cool images for the visitors to our photo booth.

Occasionally there was a lull and we had a little fun of our own. Did I mention I love my job?


BEFORE - photo in front of a green screen with the deadly VanARTS FemBots Avery and Theo


AFTER - background photo artwork added by Mohit Mitra, VanARTS Game Art & Design