Watch me Grow || Vancouver Family Photographer

This sweet family is creating a special memory of their little one’s first year with my ‘Watch me Grow’ package.
We’ve completed a newborn session, this adorable 6 month session and will finish with his 1 year session this winter.
l will be designing a hand-bound 10x10” heirloom album with their favorite portraits from all the sessions.
What a wonderful legacy they are leaving their child.

Granville Island Maternity Session || Vancouver Family Photographer

Meenu and Ally wanted an urban feel to their maternity session. They arrived dressed in black leather jackets and I took them to my favorite places on Granville Island that have a slightly edgier look to them.
Both these two are dog lovers so when a couple walked by with their new puppy I just had to borrow Wallace for a few minutes and we had a puppy love fest.
Meenu is due in Feburary and we are doing ‘Watch Me Grow’ sessions throughout the babies first year, culminating in a beautiful hand-bound heirloom album with their favorites from each session

Deer Lake Park || Vancouver Family Photographer

When you walk into this families home you see something that is becoming a rarity these days. Printed and framed family portraits adorn almost all the walls. It is obvious that this family values having printed memories of their loved ones around them.
One of these Moms is acutely aware of the importance of capturing family moments. “My Mum passed away two days before our son's 1st birthday, so it was important to us to have as many pictures of our family as possible."
We met at Deer Lake Park for the family session to celebrate their son’s 1st birthday.
She wore her Mother’s pearls and her partner wore her Father’s ring.

This FAMILY chose a sweet cameo window on their STORYBOOK ALBUM of THEIR FAVORITE portraits FROM THEIR DEER LAKE PARK SESSIon.

This FAMILY chose a sweet cameo window on their STORYBOOK ALBUM of THEIR FAVORITE portraits FROM THEIR DEER LAKE PARK SESSIon.

Our Growing Family || Vancouver Family Photographer

I've been photographing this family since their eldest was 3 months old and her parents wanted similar portraits of their little guy on his 3 month birthday.
Big sister greeted me at the front door with a smile and a warm hug that totally melted my heart.
She has a wicked iTunes dance mix that we listened and danced to while creating these portraits together.
The beautiful soft north facing window light was perfect for these intimate family portraits in my clients new home.



Fur Baby || Vancouver Family Photographer

Anyone who has a fur baby knows they are part of the family. So of course Shirley the Dog had to be included in the maternity session portraits. This family choose to purchase a gallery wall and the last portrait with her best furry faced friend hangs on the wall above her bed.
Pro Tip: hide doggie treats in clothing to get their full attention.