Brandon Yan || Vancouver Headshot Photographer

You can't tell, but it's actually -RidiculouslyCold and there's a Chinese New Year parade happening a few feet away.
Brandon Yan is running for Vancouver City Council as a One City Vancouver candidate and he needed new portraits for his candidacy website.
The Chinatown area means a great deal to Brandon and he wanted to incorporate the neighbourhood in his portraits.
Of course they were time sensitive and we had to do the shoot on one of the coldest days of the year and on Chinese New Year Parade Day! When  a contingent from the parade passed us by we had some fun running to catch it to get the cute photo below of Brandon (minus a coat).
Brandon Yan and I have worked together previously many times with the Out in Schools program where he is the Education Director.

No one knows there's a large Chinese Dragon dancing around to the left of this photo.