Vancouver Tourism 'You Belong in Vancouver' LGBTQ Campaign

I am proud to have been chosen as the photographer for Vancouver Tourism's 'You Belong in Vancouver' campaign creating portraits of these wonderful people in my community.
This is the largest production I have ever been involved with and I was so excited and nervous I could not sleep the night before the shoot. Two full days of photography and video with an incredible team who deeply cared about telling these individuals stories with respect and beauty.

I love photographing my LGBTQ families and this video with Myriam Dumont speaking about her family was emotional to watch while filming and still effects me each time I watch it.

Orene Askew is a passionate speaker and this video of her describing her heritage and music is powerful.

Videography:  Barbershop Films
Makeup & Hair:  Tasha Vu
Photography:  Belle Ancell
Digi-Tech:  Maylies Lang