Troublemakers 4.0 || Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Troublemakers 4.0 is an inter-generational film project sponsored by the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Reel Youth, and Love Intersections.
Aspiring young filmmakers are paired with LGBTQ2+ ‘Troublemakers’ who are changemakers in the LGBTQ2+ community.
Inter-generational relationships are important and this project offers the folks participating the opportunity to learn from each other as they create impactful documentaries together.
This is my 3rd year capturing the behind the scenes action and portraits of the participants.
It is wonderful to witness their relationships and the films they create together are beautiful.
The films will be shown at the 31st Vancouver Queer Film Festival on August 18th, 2019.
Click HERE to view last year’s films. I will update with the new films after their screening.

I love capturing the friendships that develop during this wonderful project.

The 2019 Troublemakers 4.0

Daily Xtra Columnist Aaron Chan || Vancouver Headshot Photographer

Once upon a time I photographed full covers for Xtra Vancouver's print publication.
Since they moved to their online digital format the freelance assignments are smaller but I get to pick & choose which ones resonate with me.
I had previously photographed Aaron Chan at the Qmunity International Day Against Homophobia Breakfast where he recited a powerful story about coming out to his family.
These new portraits were taken for Aaron's new Daily Xtra column where he writes about his multiple identies as a Gay, Chinese, Canadian man.

Vancouver Tourism 'You Belong in Vancouver' LGBTQ Campaign

I am proud to have been chosen as the photographer for Vancouver Tourism's 'You Belong in Vancouver' campaign creating portraits of these wonderful people in my community.
This is the largest production I have ever been involved with and I was so excited and nervous I could not sleep the night before the shoot. Two full days of photography and video with an incredible team who deeply cared about telling these individuals stories with respect and beauty.

I love photographing my LGBTQ families and this video with Myriam Dumont speaking about her family was emotional to watch while filming and still effects me each time I watch it.

Orene Askew is a passionate speaker and this video of her describing her heritage and music is powerful.

Videography:  Barbershop Films
Makeup & Hair:  Tasha Vu
Photography:  Belle Ancell
Digi-Tech:  Maylies Lang

My summer vacation - by belle ancell

Actually, there wasn't a summer vacation. However, there was a lot of love beginning with my first wedding of the season officiated by Sister Festivus Illuminata (pictured below).
The intimate wedding of Jennifer & Jocelyn was the first wedding ceremony ever performed in Canada by a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. The Sisters are a worldwide 21st Century order of Queer Nuns who's lifelong vow is to spread universal joy and erase stigmatic guilt.


Feast your eyes on Cor Flammae

100 metres of fabric, 25 fabulously draped singers, 4 hair stylists, 7 makeup artists, 4 set stylists, 2 shoot assistants and one photographer. That is what it took to create this incredible 2015 promo image of Vancouver's classically trained Choir Cor Flammae.

Wardrobe/Set Styling:
Adam Dickson (Concept)
Jenny Gagne / Shelayne Mulholland
Movement Consultant: MaryAnne Wong

Belinda Sui (Team Lead)
Andi Alexander / Kasey Chen / Bingjie Dai / Raven Dickhout / Mei Lin / Oscar Xu

Missy Clarkson (Concept)
Hair by Soo (Team Lead) / Jenny Lynn Goodwin / Katrina Shelast

Photographer/Lighting: belle ancell
Lighting Assistants: Maylies Lang / Debbie Pipe
Colour Treatment/Retouching: belle ancell / Reem Abdel-Jabbar

Please visit my personal work website for more LGBT portraits.


'Unveiled' - The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a 21st Century order of Queer nuns.
They believe in spreading universal joy and expiating stigmatic guilt.
‘Unveiled' is a series of 10 portraits of the Sisters ‘in face’ and also without their facial makeup, or in ‘Boy Drag’ as they call it. I photographed them on an ethereal white background, as if they were walking through heaven’s door.
I find the Sisters beautiful. The designs and vibrant colours they choose for their faces and the playful, sexy outfits they create themselves express their individuality. I am intrigued with how they express their masculine and feminine sides. They are masculine in appearance, but to me when they are ‘in face’, they transform into beautiful feminine Deities.
Perhaps that is why I feel reverence in their presence.


Please visit my personal work website for more LGBT portraits.