The ever so awesome Jennifer Campagnolo || Vancouver Headshot Photographer

Jennifer's Twitter profile says she's a "Steadfast Citizen for Canada."
Indeed, as she comes from a line of strong and patriotic women. Her mother Iona Campagnolo was Canada's 1st female Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia.
Jennifer herself is the Senior Development Officer for Aboriginal Programs at Service Canada. She contracted me to do fashion style personal portraits.
I love the one I captured of her relaxing in the studio chair. It's so genuine and beautiful.


The boy is 18 today

Hard to believe it's been 5 years since I photographed him.
I still adore this image. I always will. It was the first time I ever pushed myself to get past my fear of approaching someone I didn't know who I wanted to photograph.
I feel like this image opened a door for me I never stepped through. I feel like I'm always at the edge of defining my style and I sense there's something more I need to discover about myself as a photographer.
It's like that feeling of having a word lingering just on the tip of your tongue.
I believe this image is the closest I've ever come to finding my voice. 

He's the Bees Knees

"What do you call a bee that gives milk instead of honey? A BOOBee!!"
This is the joke I told Governor General Literary Award winner Mark L. Winston.
Thank goodness he has a wonderful sense of humour and an adoration of bees.
I recently met Mark when the Arts Council of Canada chose me to photograph him for the 2015 Literary Awards.
Mark is a world renowned expert on bees and won the prestigious award for his non-fiction book, Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive.


Feast your eyes on Cor Flammae

100 metres of fabric, 25 fabulously draped singers, 4 hair stylists, 7 makeup artists, 4 set stylists, 2 shoot assistants and one photographer. That is what it took to create this incredible 2015 promo image of Vancouver's classically trained Choir Cor Flammae.

Wardrobe/Set Styling:
Adam Dickson (Concept)
Jenny Gagne / Shelayne Mulholland
Movement Consultant: MaryAnne Wong

Belinda Sui (Team Lead)
Andi Alexander / Kasey Chen / Bingjie Dai / Raven Dickhout / Mei Lin / Oscar Xu

Missy Clarkson (Concept)
Hair by Soo (Team Lead) / Jenny Lynn Goodwin / Katrina Shelast

Photographer/Lighting: belle ancell
Lighting Assistants: Maylies Lang / Debbie Pipe
Colour Treatment/Retouching: belle ancell / Reem Abdel-Jabbar

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My grandmothers pearls, a gorgeous actress and a wonderful team helped to create this image which was inspired by a portrait of actress Laura Dern by photographer Dan Winters.

Actress Eliza Hargreaves as photographed by belle ancell

Actress Laura Dern as photographed by Dan Winters

Awesome team: Assistant Bridget Shacklette, MOI, Model Eliza Hargreaves, Hair Stylist Hair by Soo.