'Unveiled' - The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a 21st Century order of Queer nuns.
They believe in spreading universal joy and expiating stigmatic guilt.
‘Unveiled' is a series of 10 portraits of the Sisters ‘in face’ and also without their facial makeup, or in ‘Boy Drag’ as they call it. I photographed them on an ethereal white background, as if they were walking through heaven’s door.
I find the Sisters beautiful. The designs and vibrant colours they choose for their faces and the playful, sexy outfits they create themselves express their individuality. I am intrigued with how they express their masculine and feminine sides. They are masculine in appearance, but to me when they are ‘in face’, they transform into beautiful feminine Deities.
Perhaps that is why I feel reverence in their presence.


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It appears I've become a Choral Choir groupie

It all started innocently enough with Cor Flammae and a group photo shoot with 21 of the most fabulously dressed Choral singers in Vancouver.  
How do you top a shoot like that? Well, you have to do the next one on a rooftop. Obviously.
Feast your eyes on the Vancouver Cantata Singers. 25 elegantly dressed award-winning Choral singers.
Despite blaring sun (it was supposed to be dramatic clouds that day) and gusting winds we managed to capture a fantastic group shot of them.

Thanks to Olivia Chao and Debbie Pipe for shoot assistance and Debbie for taking these fun behind the scenes shots.

River 'The Fox' Tucker

UPDATE: October 31st, 2014.
River Tucker won Bronze at the Canadian National Boxing Championships.

BC Boxing champ River Tucker arrived tired, hungry and caffeine free to this shoot. But it wasn't a detriment because this is a person endowed with deep focus and determination. You can feel it in her presence and you can see it in the images we created together.

I have wanted to work with River for some time so I was excited when she suggested we shoot in her gritty New Westminster training gym. We could not have asked for a cooler location to shoot these edgy promo images.

River is currently in training and 'On the Road to Rio 2016'.


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