'You Belong in Vancouver' Tourism Vancouver campaign || Behind the Scenes

I was incredibly nervous working on my 1st commercial campaign for Tourism Vancouver.
I just might have ate too much chocolate that first shoot day.
'You Belong in Vancouver' will promote Vancouver as a fabulous holiday destination to LGBT folks who live in the U.S. Intimate video interviews combined with portraits (my part) of LGBT Vancouverites will be used in the campaign.

Danny Ramadan || Vancouver Headshot Photographer

When I googled Danny Ramadan, pages and pages of links for Syrian Refugee, Author, Journalist, Public Speaker, Activist and LGBTQ Refugee Advocate came up.
Danny has only lived in Canada for 3 years and has become a vital citizen sharing his passion and compassion to assist LGBTQ refugees from 80 countries where being a LGBTQ person is a punishable offense.
His TEDX talk video below brought tears to my eyes. His words are poetry.

Danny Ramadan portrait
2016 Pride Grand Marshall - photo by belle

2016 Pride Grand Marshall - photo by belle