Intimate Portraiture

Dancer/choreographer Noam Gagnon invited me into his home to create intimate portraits of him and it was a photographers dream. White white everywhere! Soft diffused light bounced off white walls and white furniture and into his gorgeous eyes. Noam was completely as ease in front of the camera and we were able to create some stunning fine art nude images of him.

My He{Art} work debuts

Conceptualized it, planned it, photographed it, retouched it, printed it, framed it, mounted it.


Matting and framing my work for the Queer Arts Festival!!


On the walls and ready to go!!


Being in the same show as Joe Average was mind warping for me. Especially when he walked in and looked at my work on the wall.  


Noam Gagnon, my future husband.


Two of my artists...Mandy Randhawa and Eileen Kage.


Zoee Nuage, a photographer I admire and have now photographed.


It was fun to watch people's reactions to the images.


Mandy Randhawa in front of the beautiful image of her we created together.


David Robinson poses with his powerful image we collaborated on and created together.


A touching moment for me when my lighting instructor from photography school came to the opening to congratulate me.


Amber Dawn and I goofing it up in front of her stunning image.