Welcome to the Family || Vancouver Family Photographer

When I arrived his parents were behind schedule and still getting ready. I usually do newborn sessions in my clients home for this reason. New parents are tired and have more important things to focus on in the first few weeks.
I had the job of holding him while they were getting ready and I was completely overjoyed.
It was hard to put him down to be honest.
The way they looked at him during their session melted my heart.
I asked if they spend hours just staring at him and they both agreed it was their new favorite past-time.

3 Generations || Vancouver Family Photographer

A regular headshot client of mine (pictured far right) contacted me to do a special family portrait with his aunt.
Helen is 91-years-young and she is pictured here with her nieces and nephew, great nieces and nephews and her great-great nephew. As you can imagine, this studio session was ridiculously fun.
The reveal appointment with them was also hilarious! The whole family came to see the slideshow I had prepared from their session.
They all chose to have a print made of this portrait. I’m sure they will enjoy this wonderful portrait for many years.
What a wonderful gift to give your family.

3 Generations || Vancouver Family Photographer

Caroline contacted me because she wanted Christmas portraits of her children and grandchildren.
My assistant and I brought a portable studio to the families home and we photographed 6 adults and 5 children. As you can imagine pandemonium and hilarity ensued.
Here are a few of my favorite moments from my time with this lovely family.

Caroline chose to display her session portraits in the heirloom Memory Box.
The Memory Box is a unique way to display her portraits, and she can rotate them each day on the sweet easel that is included.

Deer Lake Park || Vancouver Family Photographer

When you walk into this families home you see something that is becoming a rarity these days. Printed and framed family portraits adorn almost all the walls. It is obvious that this family values having printed memories of their loved ones around them.
One of these Moms is acutely aware of the importance of capturing family moments. “My Mum passed away two days before our son's 1st birthday, so it was important to us to have as many pictures of our family as possible."
We met at Deer Lake Park for the family session to celebrate their son’s 1st birthday.
She wore her Mother’s pearls and her partner wore her Father’s ring.

This FAMILY chose a sweet cameo window on their STORYBOOK ALBUM of THEIR FAVORITE portraits FROM THEIR DEER LAKE PARK SESSIon.

This FAMILY chose a sweet cameo window on their STORYBOOK ALBUM of THEIR FAVORITE portraits FROM THEIR DEER LAKE PARK SESSIon.

Our Growing Family || Vancouver Family Photographer

I've been photographing this family since their eldest was 3 months old and her parents wanted similar portraits of their little guy on his 3 month birthday.
Big sister greeted me at the front door with a smile and a warm hug that totally melted my heart.
She has a wicked iTunes dance mix that we listened and danced to while creating these portraits together.
The beautiful soft north facing window light was perfect for these intimate family portraits in my clients new home.



The Yules || Vancouver Family Photographer

I have been photographing this fun family since their eldest was a baby.
I am sad they are leaving Vancouver to move to Ontario. I'm so happy for them though, as they will finally own their own home. Owning a home is becoming an unrealized dream for a lot of Vancouver families and folks are leaving the city to follow their dream.
I wish this sweet family a wonderful new life and adventure and I hope we see each other again.

Vancouver-portrait-photographer 1.jpg
Vancouver-portrait-photographer 2.jpg
The Yules chose a sweet storybook album WITH their favorite portraits from their session.

The Yules chose a sweet storybook album WITH their favorite portraits from their session.

Fur Baby || Vancouver Family Photographer

Anyone who has a fur baby knows they are part of the family. So of course Shirley the Dog had to be included in the maternity session portraits. This family choose to purchase a gallery wall and the last portrait with her best furry faced friend hangs on the wall above her bed.
Pro Tip: hide doggie treats in clothing to get their full attention.