Welcome to the Family || Vancouver Family Photographer

When I arrived his parents were behind schedule and still getting ready. I usually do newborn sessions in my clients home for this reason. New parents are tired and have more important things to focus on in the first few weeks.
I had the job of holding him while they were getting ready and I was completely overjoyed.
It was hard to put him down to be honest.
The way they looked at him during their session melted my heart.
I asked if they spend hours just staring at him and they both agreed it was their new favorite past-time.

Trout Lake Snow Day || Vancouver Family Photographer

I spent family Day at Trout Lake with this East Van family and their wee new addition.
Vancouver's had a wacky winter and there was still snow on the ground. We should have made a Snowman!

Happy Birthday Ben || Vancouver Family Photographer

Ben was born January 22nd, 2014.
Just 7 days old when we met, his eyes focused deeply on me and they seemed to hold such wisdom.