Watch me Grow || Vancouver Family Photographer

This sweet family is creating a special memory of their little one’s first year with my ‘Watch me Grow’ package.
We’ve completed a newborn session, this adorable 6 month session and will finish with his 1 year session this winter.
l will be designing a hand-bound 10x10” heirloom album with their favorite portraits from all the sessions.
What a wonderful legacy they are leaving their child.

Welcome to the Family || Vancouver Family Photographer

When I arrived his parents were behind schedule and still getting ready. I usually do newborn sessions in my clients home for this reason. New parents are tired and have more important things to focus on in the first few weeks.
I had the job of holding him while they were getting ready and I was completely overjoyed.
It was hard to put him down to be honest.
The way they looked at him during their session melted my heart.
I asked if they spend hours just staring at him and they both agreed it was their new favorite past-time.

Fine Art for Families || Vancouver Family Photographer

I offer my families gorgeous professionally printed portrait albums.
The albums are printed and hand-bound in Vancouver and I lovingly design each album, creating a story for my families with their session portraits.
Portraits are mounted on a rigid plastic core for long-lasting durability from inquisitive little fingers. Albums are available with a full cover or a sweet cameo portrait window.
Your children will love looking through 'their' albums.

Portraits displayed in the home enhance a child's feeling of being a loved and valued part of their family.
Wall print art is ready for you to frame, or let me take care of everything and I will deliver your finished, framed portraits to your home.

I searched for some time for a beautiful, functional and quality designed portrait box for my clients and I finally found it!!
This lovely box is made from solid wood and lined with felt to project portraits for generations.
It comes with 10 - 5x7" portraits matted on thick durable mats and the sweetest matching easel to display them on.


Our Growing Family || Vancouver Family Photographer

I've been photographing this family since their eldest was 3 months old and her parents wanted similar portraits of their little guy on his 3 month birthday.
Big sister greeted me at the front door with a smile and a warm hug that totally melted my heart.
She has a wicked iTunes dance mix that we listened and danced to while creating these portraits together.
The beautiful soft north facing window light was perfect for these intimate family portraits in my clients new home.



She's a Star || Vancouver Family Photographer

Sweet baby Adele's family chose a hand-bound Storybook album of their favorite images from her session.
When I delivered the album her 2-year-old sister asked her Mama to read 'the story' over and over again, squealing with delight each time she saw a photo of herself in the album.
I imagine them all sitting together again snuggled up on their couch when Adele is old enough to enjoy her portraits too.

Adele's family chose an 8x8" Storybook album and a matching 6x6" Album for her Grandma of the favorite images from their session.

Adele's family chose an 8x8" Storybook album and a matching 6x6" Album for her Grandma of the favorite images from their session.

Fur Baby || Vancouver Family Photographer

Anyone who has a fur baby knows they are part of the family. So of course Shirley the Dog had to be included in the maternity session portraits. This family choose to purchase a gallery wall and the last portrait with her best furry faced friend hangs on the wall above her bed.
Pro Tip: hide doggie treats in clothing to get their full attention.


Generational Portraits || Vancouver Family Photographer

This family rents a house for a few days every Christmas so they can celebrate it together.
I've photographed large groups before, but never a family this large, and guess what? No one cried!

You see that cute pumpkin on the left side? We have a date in the Spring for a one year portrait session.
I am friends with his parents on Facebook and it has been unbearable seeing all the adorable photos they are posting of him the past few months. I can't wait!